7.10.2 breaks soap, exchange sync, gmail sync and outlook integration


There is a change in the code breaking existing SOAP clients. You changed namespace in the /soap.php line 65 from:

$NAMESPACE = ‘http://www.sugarcrm.com/sugarcrm’;


$NAMESPACE = ‘https://suitecrm.com’;

This breaks all validating WSDL clients. Our tools have thousands of clients and such a change affects all of them. Is there any reason for such a breaking change?


Hi tanur. Thanks for pointing this out, it was indeed an unintended consequence of a change we did, and it is important.

We opted for reverting:


Going forward, we can try to make this kind of change more considerate of potential problems with integrations, and we should make them not very frequently, and warn people before we do it.

In terms of Community communication, do you have any suggestions as to how we could reach out to people like you doing this sort of work?

Hi pgr,

I’m from GrinMark. We are already in connection. Looks like I used some old login here:)