7.10.11 / .12 functionality issues


I started with a 7.10.9 install, upgraded to .11 and finally to .12LTS just today. It’s running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I have a large CSV file of initial leads that I’ve imported and are working almost exclusively with them at this point. During some testing, I have converted a few to accounts and contacts just to see if that made a difference in the issues I was having. Most revolve around the mapping module. Yes…I have an API key and can get a map to load and show me information.

I have had multiple issues with functionality not working and have been doing searches both here and at Github looking for solutions.

They include:

***Geocoding cron job. - Finally got it working, shows up in syslog and in the scheduler as “successful” but when I watch the API counter on Google, it’s not incrementing. So while the job kicks off and says it’s successful…nothing is happening. The only way to get this to geocode is to go into the Admin/Geocoding section and select either geocode addresses or better yet, in the Geocoded counts section…click leads and wait. It will force a job to start and I’ll start seeing traffic. Now…this is a REALLY slow way to accomplish this task. I am seeing no errors in the webserver logs, suitecrm error logs or syslog regarding the cron job failing.

*** Targeted Lists - Once I finally got some results and was able to get a Quick Radius map to load with some results…trying to send that result list to a targeted list ends with a “processing…” label just running endlessly. Even with just one result, (so taking impatience out of the equation), it never completes. And, if you go check the targeted list…it’s empty. So it’s not like it ran and completed successfully.

***Changed Link In a Quick Radius map…if I click on the pin in the graphic…a rectangular box pops up with details on the lead (name, address…etc) and a link to open a Google map view of the location. That link results in an error message saying the address is not found on the server. The hyperlink before clicking shows http://maps.googleapis.com/maps?q=blahblahblah address info. if I manually change the address in the failed window to http://maps.google.com/maps?=blahblahblah…it works. So, it seems Google changed their links and we need to find that part of the code and make that change…but I couldn’t find it.

So, these are the initial items that are causing me headaches…I didn’t want to open a githib issue on these until I had some guidance from the forums. I’ve done quite a bit of surfing looking for answers and while I’ve found some things to try…nothing has worked as of yet for these.

Any ideas?



Please check both your logs for any relevant messages at the time of the malfunctions.

Now, I don’t know much about the Google Maps module, so it’s not easy for me to help, but I will try…

It seems the difference between those two URL’s is the variation in Google Maps API from version 2 to version 3.


But I don’t know which one SuiteCRM is using, and perhaps you can also change setting on your Google account side to make it fit the URL’s SuiteCRM is sending.

Tell me what you discover.

Thanks, I did check the logs and there was nothing of note…a couple PHP notices that variables declared were not being used, etc for any of these three issues.

There is definitely a change in the code (thanks Google), but I’ll be damned if I can find where to fix it. I’m a developer in the sense I understand basic functions and can code small things…this is WAY over my skill level at this point. If I’m pointed in the right direction…I can execute any updates/changes…but as far as debugging myself…that’s out of my wheelhouse.

I will investigate changing the Google side of it and see what that does for me…thanks!

So right now, the targeted list functionality on the Quick Radius View is the biggest hurdle I’m facing…I can’t get it to work. Also, I am unable to find the module view to be able to change the information displayed. I’m running it against the Leads module, and it gives me name, address, phone, group, assigned to…but I’d also like to add Account name to that detailsview. But I can’t find where it’s being generated from and how to edit it to include the account.

Any ideas…anyone?

Sorry, where is this exactly? In Leads detail view? Is it a subpanel there? I can try helping you find the files to edit, if I understand where it is.

Maybe a screenshot would help, you can paste it here:


Thanks…so here’s what I’m doing…

Entering in a city where I have leads and selecting 100 mile radius and plotting them.

The Details View table that’s listed below includes their name, address, phone, etc. What I’d like to do is add the column Account Name that was part of the import info into that detailsview table. So while their technically a lead at this point (not a SuiteCRM Account), they have an account name which is their company name.

In addition, the add to targets list is not working. It shows processing, and never completes. I opened the developer console in Internet Explorer (F12) and found this error message: "Unable to get property ‘message’ of undefined or null reference.

In my original post, I outlined three issues. This most recent post deals with just the second point.

Probably best to address these one at a time, and this particular point is probably the most painful for me…so a good one to deal with first


Well…as an update to the Targeted List issue (reference first post), this latest update (7.10.14) has fixed this issue.

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