7.10.10 User Detailview -> Security Group Subpanel -> Removing group not working

Hello everyone,

I’m using 7.10.11 and on User Detailview -> Security Group Subpanel -> i want to remove a group from a user. When i click remove and on the popup click “ok” the window reloads but the security group is still there.

When i go the other way and remove the user inside the group, it works.

I didn’t find an error or something in the logs.

Anyone having an idea?

Thank you and best regards


Do you see any error in your browser’s Developer console?

hey pgr,

No there‘s nothing in the browser console. When i remove a user in the groups module, there this littel „processing-circle“ is showing up. I‘m missing this behavior in the subpanel of the user (when deleting).

I see you’ve found the Issue on Github


I was also able to reproduce, I tried a quick fix but it didn’t work, I am afraid I can’t devote more time to this at the moments, sorry… let’s hope it gets picked up on GiutHub.

hey pgr,

this php-warning from the github-post disappeared when i remove the edit-button from the group-subpanel.

The very strange thing is that i tried this at my stage-environment before and there the removing of groups worked when i removed the edit button. But didn‘t work at the live-system.

It‘s ok for now as i can still remove the group within the group module. Thanks for your effort!

New Insight on this:

with Chrome Browser: Version 71.0.3578.98 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit): Pressing “Delete” the page reload (after notification) and the group is still there. But opening the Detailview of the user via the listview -> the group is removed.

with Firefox 64.0 (64-Bit) this doesn’t work.

Also sometimes after a rebuild, removing a group works like it should be.

Make sure you add these insights in the GitHub issue. Now that the issue is open on GitHub, I think it’s better to follow up there, because it is more visible to developers and contributors. Thanks

this fixed my poblem with removing groups on the subpanel:


thanks a lot to pgr for helping!