7.1.3: fatal: AOW Array

I am seeing that kind of message several times per day since I upgraded to 7.1.3:

Wed Aug 20 06:18:13 2014 [22592][1][FATAL] AOW Array
[Cases] => c54bd45f-9753-2d95-4b9c-53f4a05f0cd3
[Users] => 1
[Accounts] => 54d4cd80-998b-06f3-6435-4f68b33b379b
[SecurityGroups] => 1
[AOP_Case_Events] => 462b2dd0-41e0-6a6e-fdfc-53f4a05253a6

How do I debug that? where does it come from?

Hi Gilles,

This doesn’t look like a FATAL error, it looks like a print out of the workflow array for debugging. What is your logging level set to? It may be something in the AOW code.