508 Resource limit exceeded error after upgrade attempt


I have just tried running an upgrade from 7.97 to 7.10 and had the waring: increase file size to 6MB, went in to do this and thought I had saved the file properly but think I may not have.

Ran the upgrade and now SuiteCRM is completely inaccessible, all I get is 508 Resource Limit Exceeded

Can anyone shed some light on this and possible fix?

It’s the first time I’ve heard of this error, but it seems your hosting limits your resources (RAM? Disk? CPU?) and you’re hitting one of those limits.

You can check if your disk is full, to start with.

Then try to find any relevant error in suitecrm.log or php_errors.log.

If you can’t discover your issue, ask your hosting for more information…

I receive this frequently (nearly every time) when attempting to upgrade my CRM platform that is hosted on a shared cloud-based web host. On my web host, my entire site is locked up for a number of hours because SuiteCRM exceeds the number of entry processes. Because this is shared hosting, apparently other domains hosted on the same servers are effected so the host provider essentially shuts me down. I’ve asked about this in the past, and apparently SuiteCRM does not have a manual process (ftp for example) where I can upload the code and execute the new upgrade.

I’ve discussed with the host provider and exceed limits

This is very disappointing, and I get a lot of folks that wonder why my site does not work for a certain time frame. I’m happy with SuiteCRM, but not overjoyed with the application, so now I’m looking for an alternative.

It would seem with all of the folks running on shared platforms that SuiteCRm development team would take into consideration how many resources are being used to execute an upgrade. It’s just code, so why all of the resources needed to upgrade more code?

I would be interested in replies to this from (a) the SuiteCRM team on options for upgrading that do not exceed shared resources, or from (b) others with knowledge of alternative platforms I could migrate my data to that is similar to SuiteCRM. I don’t need people telling me what an idiot I am, for whatever reason. That’s not useful.


Instead of looking for a SuiteCRM alternative, you could look for an alternative hosting. Most hostings, even cheap ones, have the ability to run SuiteCRM without much trouble.

Anyway SuiteCRM is a big app, you can run a big corporation on it. It’s natural that it has some basic requirements. What’s impressive is that such a powerful app can run on so many diverse platforms, and on very inexpensive shared hostings.

I have discussed with someone in the team if we could make the upgrade packs smaller. It seems it wouldn’t be such a simple process, the upgrade already only contains the differences that must be applied to the files, and the changes are what they are, so any improvements here would require devising a new upgrade process. This is more than we have the resources for at the moment (and involves significant risk - the current process is very tested, the new one wouldn’t be, at first).

Now, from my experience here, I would say your case is not very common. I would like to understand exactly which hosting limit you’re hitting. Is it max_upload_size? Or something else?

Thanks for your reply. I have considered a new host, but have used these guys for nearly 17 years now, believe it or not and they have always taken care of me. From their response in this error: "The 508 Resource Limit Is Reached error will stop displaying once the account is no longer reaching the resource limit it is hitting. This is refreshed every couple of minutes. It looks like there were about 20 entry processes running for over 24 hours for your account. "

From my view (the user’s view), the process appears to get hung up when uploading the upgrade file. I have had this same problem a few times inthe past, and then every once in a while I attempt to upgrade and it works almost instantly. One of my requirements for this application was that it had to be easily upgradable through a console. Having had to upgrade a whole lot of custom code with the latest PHP upgrade emphasized the need for an easy-to-upgrade software package.

Many thanks for your response!

A hosting you know and trust is a good thing to keep :slight_smile:

Maybe you can just upgrade your plan to something more generous.

However, I think you’re just hitting some technical problem, not necessarily related to the upgrade. You consume Entry processes by making many concurrent requests to your Web server. Do you have many users?

Another thing that could be complicating this resource use is if, for some reason, your web server requests aren’t terminating, they’re getting hung. Your hosting mentions they have been running for 24 hours? Surely they’re not doing useful work, they’re just hanging.

So I would advise having a look at your logs to find any ERROR or FATAL messages, and deal with that.

Then try to check your database for overgrown tables. See the query at the top of the post here, this will help:


What is your version of SuiteCRM, by the way?

CRM version is 7.9.11

Suite CRM is simply a membership management tool for us. We have 2 - 3 people that login and manage people, so there is no user overload, etc. and hardly any load on the server. The hope was that we could expand the use of SuiteCRM and take advantage of other functions of the software. The logs are all gzip, so I’m not going to run through the hassle of opening them.

From an app dev perspective, I would recommend that SuiteCRM look at all potential environments to see what sort of problems users might encounter with their software. I’m sure I’m not the only one using SuiteCRM on a shared cloud environment. Maybe I’m the only one that likes to keep things up to date, tho. Since the upgrade is a process, seems like we could upgrade in serial rather than parallel, so that certain events have to finish before others start. Obviously I don’t know how it is executed, so I’m just guessing, but when my host shuts me down for too many concurrent start up processes during a SuiteCRM upgrade, is it a logical assumption.

Thanks again for your feedback. I don’t want to change applications - as we have already done this once when I replaced an app that was no longer supported.

There are tens of thousands of SuiteCRM installations in Shared Hostings, upgrading successfully. Your problem is the first I’ve ever seen of this particular kind (entry processes), after years around here, and being in thousands of threads.

You can inspect Gzipped logs (without unzipping them) with zcat and zgrep.

I worry that you have an unhealthy installation, it will fail you in other ways, not just in upgrades.

I do advise you to run that query, most SuiteCRM performance problems (which can generate hung threads) come from overgrown tables and that query detects them.

There was one bug with “Reminders” table that caused serious performance problems even on small installations. It is fixed now, but I’m not sure if it was fixed in 7.9.11.