500 - Internal server error when using Bulk Delete Contacts

Hi All,
I have loaded over 1,000 records (contacts) into the database previously for testing purposes and now the time has come to delete these records, as they are no longer required. I am able to select all of the contacts using ‘Bulk Action’ and then select “Delete”. Previously this used to delete about 100-200 records at a time fore I used to get a “500 - Internal server error.” error message. Now this process only seems to delete about 20 records before I get the same error message. The time it takes for the error to appear is somewhere between 70 - 100 seconds.

Other posts along these lines seem to reference the setting in the php.ini file (and web-server has been re-started).
The values I have at the moment are:

post_max_size = 120
Upload_max_size = 60m
max_input_time = 120

PS: This same issue also occurs with all other bulk deletes (accounts etc).

Any help appreciated

Please check apache error log you can find the actual reason for the crash.
It could be an issue of timeout.

you omitted the value of max_execution_time

Try to increase it significantly Maybe it solves the issue.

Thankyou Amaruissi,
I currently have this parameter set to 200 seconds, which is probably not a huge number but the timeout occurs between 70 - 100 seconds usually. So I don’t think this will fix it, but am happy to increase it to 1,000 and give it another try. Thanks for your rely.