404 not found trying to use V8 API

I apologize for a somewhat duplicative question but I found several very similar questions and none of them had answers that worked if they had answers at all.

I am running SuiteCRM on a virtual server with SSL access. I can access the UI via http or https and I have set up a client_credentials access grant but before I can even get to test that, when I try to access the V8 API I get a 404 not found error.

Like other posters I have tried Api/V8 API/Oauth2 and some other variations but with no luck.
From those that managed to solve their problem it seems that either

should be correct but I still get a 404 error no matter what I try.

Can somebody please clarify the correct endpoint to use?

Thanks a lot.

I am answering my own question just in case anybody else is struggling with this.

alanm found the solution to this. It is posted here: