401 ErrorDocument directive --- ignoring!

Hi, I have a project installed with the following features:

CRM Suite version 7.2.1
Sugar CRM version 6.5.20

on a Windows environment.

In the logs I am observing this error:

[Thu Apr 12 09:29:37.364267 2018] [core:notice] [pid 3684:tid 1352] AH00113: C:/AppServ/www/.htaccess:54 cannot use a full URL in a 401 ErrorDocument directive — ignoring!

Why could it be? Sometimes they leave the account view with a blank page or the pdfs are generated in white, and I do not know if it could be because of this or it has nothing to do …

Thanks in advance and greetings

Hi there,

That looks like a notice rather than a warning or error so I suspect it hasn’t got anything to do with it.
However, as far as I remember (I haven’t used windows very frequently) that htaccess doesn’t apply to IIS servers and they use a different file for these things.

Do you want to go into more detail regarding your white screens though?
^^ Sorry just noticed you’ve created more threads regarding your upgrading… I’ll try and follow those, but it would be good if we can have it all in one thread :wink:

Regarding the first, ok, I have sent it to the support person where the project is hosted.

Yes of course, I would like to know why these white screens. The issue is that the same code in Linux environments does not produce white screens but in the Windows environment yes, :(, or maybe going further could be any difference in the database ?.

It is a “weird” error since there are days that PDFs and account views work well, and others, intermittently turn out well or leave blank pdf or blank screen, respectively. In the logs comparing the 2 environments the only difference I see in Windows is the line of error for which I have opened this topic in this forum.


I would suggest that the moment you see that white screen you confirm that the 401 error appears at the same time in the logs.

Also you need to recheck that you have correctly set up your application on the windows environment and not simply copied pre-installed instance from a linux env and moved it a cross? You ideally should be using web.config rather than htaccess.

Is there any specific documentation to configure SuiteCRM in Windows environments ?, I think it is the Windows 12 version exactly the server version.

We also use the Apache server in this Windows environment as a web server.