2fa logout login problem in combination with Error occured while fetching metadata;

Cpanel web hosting
Suitecrm 8.5.0
tested on Chrome, Firefox
Tested php8.0; php8.1; php 8.2

  1. I login with 2fa admin user;
  • After i click Logout, there is clock turning - no logout;
    Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 08.53.03
  • Reload Page - Im still logged in.
  • 2nd Logout - logs me out immediately.
  1. If i try to login with 2fa admin user I get: Error occured while fetching metadata;

    On top right, there is still option to logout.
    Even if i delete cookies, i cannot login with 2fa user.

In grapql there is Preview of 2fa window, but not in the browser.

  1. If i delete cookie,
  • reload page,
  • then login with normal user without 2fa.
  • Logout.
  • Reload web page.
  • Logout.
  • After this procedure i can again login as 2fa admin user.

Can someone point me to the right direction, why user is not logged out, even if i delete cookies?

When 2fa is turned off, Logout works perfectly.

Someone using 2fa?

Did you find any solution?, I’m having the same problem :frowning:

Cloudflare - Zerotrust - Access - Applications. Free version, works great.