2-way authentication (Google authenticator)

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I have a question regarding the subject. Is it possible to implement goodle authentificator services or any other 2-way authentification services with SuiteCRM?

Thank you!

I think the upcoming 7.10 (now in Beta2) includes some features for the GDPR european laws, and 2-factor authentication is one of them, if I’m not mistaken.

Oh thank you very much, I guess I’ll have to wait for stable verstion then.

Better yet if you install it, and play with it, and help test. SuiteCRM needs more community members helping with testing, it would really help lift the quality of the new features. And this one is 100% new.

Ye well, I could do that aswell. WIll let know what I find out.

As I currently understand it the new SuiteCRM version 7.10 comes with double opt-in functionality for signing up to newsletters, but no functionality related to 2-factor authentication for SuiteCRM users. Am I mistaken?

Two-factor authentication is documented here:


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Yes - I’ve just set up an example here for using Google Auth:

Obviously in this case, Google is providing the 2FA for you.

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