2 Dynamic Dropdowns

I have noticed that when you put 2 dynamic dropdowns in a module there is a bug.
To be more spesific:
I want to place to the editvew of events 4 dropdown lists.
Lets say A dropdown (dropdown field) values: Black, Red
B dropdown(dynamic dropdown field related with A) Values: Black_Small, Black_Medium, Red_Small, Red_Medium
C dropdown (dropdown field) Values:T-Shirt, Hat
D dropdown (dynamic dropdown related with C) T-Shirt_new, T-Shirt_used, Hat_new, Hat_used

Nomater where i put the dropdwons in Studio > Events > Layouts > EditView the same problem appears right after the page loads.

One of the related dropdowns works ok and the other dynamic dropdown does not. Its populated with all the available values as it was a dropdown field not a dynamic dropdown filed
To be more clear in my example after the page loads
A dropdown default value Black, B dropdown available values: Black_Small, Black_Medium
C dropdown default value T-Shirt B dropdown available values: T-Shirt_new, T-Shirt_used, Hat_new, Hat_used but it should be T-Shirt_new, T-Shirt_used

This occurs after the page loads with the defalut valus of all the fileds. If i choose a value then it works perfectly ok.

Is there a posible fix for that?
Thanks .

I have problem like this with dinamic dropdown on editview, can sombosy help with this problem?