2 Businneses - one instance of SuiteCRM

Wondering if this possible

There are 2 businesses that collaborate very closely on things.
They can have a crossover of contacts / accounts and both use the majority of the same suppliers for product pricing.
Both have their own service pricing

Can we set up SuiteCRM whereby we can both share pricing for example, but each can set up their own PDF templates, have their own contacts, pricing (and future pricing books), etc - both using the same database
Business A should not be able to see Business B contacts or quotes (for example).

You could create security groups for users in Admin and create a Business A/Business B group so that users in Business B group could not see records in Business A group and vice versa, but for pricing differences etc. you would need to write custom code.

Thanks - have set up 2 security groups - Business A and another Business B - just feeling my way through it. Have set Business A as primary.

I notice when I log in as the user who is Business B that my emails in Business A are not visible which is great, but how do I restrict it so that they see no LEADS, contacts, etc that are created by Business A and vice versa.

Is there documentation that explains this in details?

Here’s a quick overview that might help:


Basically you would assign users to groups, roles to groups or users, and assign your leads/contacts/etc to groups.

Thanks - still confused. I sort of followed it but here is what I guess I need. I have setup 3 users.

USER: Full Super Admin User
USER: Owner of Business A
USER: Owner of Business B

With your example on Sales teams - we have no sales teams (yet), just the “Sales team leader” or in my case Owner of Business A and Owner of Business B

I have set up under “Security Groups Management” two Groups - Business A and Business B

Under “Security Groups Management: Configure” I have added both groups with modules set to All and set the Group Inheritance Rules panel to checked for “Inherit from Created By User”, “Inherit from Assigned To User”, and “Inherit from Parent Record” - is this what needs to happen?

Under Role Management I have created 3 Roles - Owner Only, Everything, and Group Only

Under “Group Only” I have set both Business A and Business B as the Users assigned to that role and have enabled everything (Access, Edit, Delete, Export, etc) - is this correct?

Under “Owner Only” I have set under USer Groups Management both Business A and Business B. Do I need to do this in my case?

Under the role “Everything” everything is enabled but I don’t have the option to assign the Full Super Admin user - name doesn’t show up in the list?

So I have one lead set up and that was created by Business A owner so the User assigned is “Owner of Business A”.

When I login as Business B, I can still see the lead created by Business A which I shouldn’t.

I am confused - must be missing something here.
Does this make sense?



Have a look at following post.



Hi Simbasys, can you repost that link? The link is broken. Thanks!

Here is that link: