#1932 - Table doesn't exist in engine,

I received a database failure and when I checked the database in phpmyAdmin, I got the error in the title, #1932 - [Table] doesn’t exist in engine, for the each table in the database. After looking around in stackoverflow, I think this is because the database is not referenced anymore in my ibdata1 file.

I am trying to create a new database for my SuiteCRM by deleting the config file (Instead of deleting it I will try just setting installer_locked to false and deleting the db_config arrays later, let me know if thats a good idea or not :slight_smile: ) and reinstalling. I know I can retain my custom views with my custom directory, but this does not do so for fields. Is there a way to recreate the custom fields I had non-manually?

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this is simple.
Copy the CRM files into any other directory (remember to keep the original ones at there place).
Now, with in this copied instance, set the “installer_lock” to false. And then install the CRM from scratch by user interface from your Web Browser. When installation is finished. Check the config file and put the new

Database User Name
Database URL
Database Password
Database Name

into the Live CRM config file.

OK. Now move to Live CRM from the URL. You will now have access to it. Login to this. Go to Admin>>Repair>>Quick Repair & Rebuid

And rebuild the CRM. And execute all the queries. And ENJOY the CRM with the OLD database structure. No fields creation. All your fields will be there. All the views will be there.


1: All of your data will be lost (if you have any in your previous CRM Database)
2: Records based Roles and Access will be flushed

And that’s it. In simple you can get the same structure but not get the data.

If you need something else, do ping me. i will suggest you any other approach.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi, I am facing the similar error MySQL error 1932: Table ‘<table_name>’ doesn’t exist in engine. All of a sudden when i try to access my module via suitecrm application i am not able to open my custom created module and when i checked for the logs the logs said - MySQL error 1932: Table ‘<table_name>’ doesn’t exist in engine. Is there a way to resolve it. I am getting this error second time and its causing a lot of problems.

Thanks in Advance. Martin

I am also facing the same error i want when i create document and relate to particular contact then it should go to sub panel (Document) of that contact but i was not able to create relate field in document as it shows error documents_cstm table not exists in engine.
Please help me.