1 project - multiple accounts


We are trying to put together a project wjere a project can have multple organizations involved.

We created the relationship between projects and accounts.

We are able to place the field on the page an it shows up fine.

But, when we click on the button to open th ewindow to search, none of the accounts are listed.
I I figuted inthe search fielsd, we woudl see “account name”. No, we are shows empty fields for:
date created
assigned to

It is like we have the wrong relationship, and it is the address module.

We thought that the accounts would be presented, and we could choose form them. But, what we have listed (where there are none listed ), is:
Address Cache List

Why might this be? How might I be able to get the accounts listed?



Note that there are separate layouts for which fields appear in Search:

Admin / Studio / Module / Layouts / Filter