ZuckerReports 2.x dashlets

Has anybody succeeded in setting up the ZR dashlets?
Dashlets used to work fine under ZR 1.x version, however they seem to be completely forgotten in ZR 2.x versions.


Hi Igor,

Zucker Reports is a 3rd party plugin/module. Does ZR 2.x work fully in SugarCRM CE? Is it an issue with SuiteCRM you are experiencing or with the functionality of Zucker Reports?



Hi Will,

We are considering migration from SugarCRM 6.5.x to SuiteCRM. We used Dashlets in ZR 1.x in the past with custom queries, however from ZR version 2.x, dashlets are not operational at all. We have a lot of ZR reports, so it would be ideal if we could continue using ZR on SuiteCRM.

I was just hoping that old SugarCRM community who migrated to SuiteCRM might have a solution for ZR dashlets.

Many thanks,