Zero Amount discounts

I am working on the PDF template section of SuiteCRM. I have two different templates, one with discounts, and one without.

This works fine for when discounts are placed on an entire order, but when you have a discount on one item and a zero percent or zero dollars discount on other items, it doesn’t display any value whatsoever for the zero discount items. This causes an odd blank space that would look better if 0.00 was listed.

This seems to be an option with VAT, as a zero VAT displays a zero value, but doesn’t seem to hold for discounts. It would be awesome to have this as an option on discounts because it cuts the number of pdf templates our sales team would need to use.

I would attach pictures, but the add file box doesn’t seem to be working for me, likely because I’m a new account.

Any help or solutions for this?

I tried fixing it using TCPDF documentation, but the inline scripting doesn’t appear to work.