Zapier & Integromat Connectors


Zapier has connectors for both SugarCRM 6.2-5 and SugarCRM 7+ but not for SuiteCRM.

On the other hand, the Integromat connector is advertised to work with both SugarCRM and SuiteCRM.

May I kindly ask:

  1. Does either Zapier SugarCRM connector work with SuiteCRM?
  2. Is the Integromat connector reliable?

Thank you for your attention!


EDIT: Rephrased questions

Zapier SugarCRM 6.2-5 connector would work on SuiteCRM as it is based on SugarCRM6.x

Any Connector that is developed for SugarCRM 6.x is, most likely, to work with SuiteCRM.

Thank you cherub-chum for the info!

I have tested the Zapier SugarCRM 6.2-5 connector, and I can confirm it works fine!

Alas it only supports adding records, no support for either record lookup or record update, which kind of cripples the usefulness of the connector.

Integromat on the other hand seems to support addition, search and update to SuiteCRM… I will try it and report back to the forum!


A quick update for the forum :slight_smile:

I have tried the Integromat connector more in depth and I confirm that it is solid.
The only problem I had so far is that it does not seem to support IFrame fields.
Apart from this, the connector seems reliable and fast.

Being used to Zapier, I have found Integromat quite rich in features (especially custom functions/filters and detailed history management) but with a slightly steeper learning curve.

For those interested, I used Integromat to implement the following workflow:

  1. The user fills in a Google Form embedded in the Detail View of a record (using IFrame field)
  2. Integromat fetches the Response Edit URL from Google and stores in the record itself (using a URL field)
  3. The user at a later time can edit his response by opening the record in Detail View and clicking on the Response Edit URL.

I would have hoped to avoid introducing the URL Field at all, and store the Response Edit URL directly in the original IFrame field.
However, it seems that Integromat does not support updating IFrame fields :frowning:


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