"You have been logged out because your session has expired" after SuiteCMR 8 install

Since I have installed SuiteCRM 8.0.0 (on Debian Buster, Php 8.0.10), when I logout from SuiteCRM 8 I can’t log again : I always get “You have been logged out because your session has expired”. If I close my browser and try again it’s ok.

On the same host I have no pb with SuiteCRM 7.12.1, I can login then logout then login again with no pb.

I tried a lot of solutions given in this forum, with no success.

Any idea to solve this pb ?

Thansk in advance.


Hi @cgodard95,

Thank you for trying out SuiteCRM 8, and thanks for the feedback.

You are right. We are aware of this issue. Its on our list of known issues from the release.

See: Cannot login after logging out without refreshing the browser on:
8.0.0 Release Notes - Know issues

We have this issue on our priority list to fix. It is caused by a cookie that is not being properly “refreshed”.

To work around it, you can simply “refresh” the tab after logout. You should then be able to login again.

Would you like to create an issue on SuiteCRM-Core repo on github? If you don’t have a chance I can do it.


Hi @clemente.raposo ,

Is this issue been resolved yet? I have the same problem on this.


Hi @bkm,

The same if the not similar issue still exists, we are aware of the issue and are looking to resolve it as soon as we can. There might not be a public github issue for this yet tho! I’ll look at getting on together soon

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Hi @Mac-Rae .


Is there any workaround about this?

At the moment when it happens, hit refresh and you’re golden until it happens again xD

As I said, wip, with a resolution hopefully coming soon :+1:

Will ensure to toss a message here as soon as we have it included within a release!

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