Yellow field when entering data

Hello - I have noticed today that when trying to edit a user I created to test some issues, the field I am entering data into goes yellow. When I save, the page refreshes and the changes are lost - i.e., I put in a phone number, click save, then the number is gone.

When I edit another user, same field, the field colour doesn’t change and the number remains once saved.

I can change the setting in the database, to validate that the field exists in the DB.

Any ideas what is causing the field to change colour and not save the settings?


Can somebody help me, please?

Hi there,

There is no functionality to highlight fields ‘yellow’. Have you tested in multiple browsers? What field(s) are you editing on the user?



Hi Will, thanks for the response. It’s any field that I try to edit on a certain user, not all of them. I can amend my user, and others but the one user I have set up doesn’t allow changes. When I’ve tried to create a new user, and assign admin, the admin setting isn’t saved, the full name, phone numbers etc. are also not saved.