WYSIWYG editor problem with Notes

Hello guys.

i need a bit of help, i’m trying to install the plugin WYSIWYG SuiteCRM but after install it and add the field for the Note module i get and error in a floating windows with the message “undefined”. When i try to create a note i see an undefined message again,

I’m using the last SuiteCRM release and i have a shared hosting with 1and1 with php 5.6 .

Any help?


Seems solved in some part changing the permisions

chmod -R 777 <suitecrmpath>/cache

But still i cant make work the WYSIWYG editor in the Notes module.

Any thought?

If it is still occurring, could you attach a screenshot of the floating window with “undefined” in it?
Also, Check your suitecrm.log and sugarcrm.log for any relevant error messages.
Also check your Browser Console, (CTRL+SHIFT+K in Firefox) to see if any JavaScript errors occur when using the WYSIWYG field.