Wrong link address for Email in INBOX.SENT


when i click on an email in the list of my INBOY SENT a wrong email is showing up in the detail view.
the link of the email in my INBOX SENT listing is:


and it ends up with


so the action is changing somewhere from DisplayDetailView to DetailView. does anybody know if there is a know bug? i could not find anything about that in the forum.

thank you for any help!

we use Versionen 7.10.7 Sugar Versionen 6.5.25 (Build 344)

This problem does only appear in INBOX.SENT folder. The SQL query retrieves a wrong id and displays it:

$result = $emails->get_full_list('', "mailbox_id = '" . $inboundEmailRecordIdQuoted . "' AND uid = '" . $uidQuoted . "'");
header('location:index.php?module=Emails&action=DetailView&record=' . $result[0]->id);

The function action_DisplayDetailView() in modules/Emails/EmailsController.php is working correctly in normal INBOX folder. Does anybody has an idea what i can do?

We have checked on our SuiteCRM Instance for the INBOX SENT. Once we click on the any record, it’s open the correct URL like below,

I am confused. Why is it not working in my installation. The links are going to wrong emails …

If possible then give us the access of your SuiteCRM and Server where you hosted on Server so we can check in your Installation.

I have the a similar problem. If I try to import a mail item from Sent mail list to an account or contact, I end up having a wrong email message.
However, there is a work around.
If I mark a sent mail item and then use Bulk action to import it, I end up having the right mail message imported.
This problem has been there as long as I recall. I am currently using Suitecrm 7.12.1.

hannu - My team have the same problem - on 7.11.21.

Importing from the SENT mail list - imports the WRONG email!

Your work round also works here (to use Bulk import)

  • but that is not really usable for my team, as most commonly each email needs to be saved to a unique Opportunity .

Do you also see this Usability bug

  • after the Import -the page refreshes back to email INBOX not email SENT - my staff have to then click 3 or 4 times via the button top right, to get back to SENT again.

And this one:

  • the Import pop-up - discards the text you enter into the field, when you go to the search page - (click the arrow key)