Workflows- Run Always versus Run Only On Save?

After searching high and low, I don’t see an answer to this question. In Workflow creation, what’s the difference between “Run: Always” and “Run: Only On Save”? Seems redundant to me, unless “Always” means the cron is checking for the condition every minute, which would be a resource hog, right?

Thanks in advance!


When it only runs on save then it will only work when a record is manually edited by a user. If it runs on cron then data could be being updated automatically via REST calls or other integrations and the Workflow will still run.

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Isn’t it true that the workflow items require the Run AOW Workflow Scheduler process to run? The Run Only on Save won’t execute after save only like a logic hook, right?

The reason why I am asking is we have the Run AOW Workflow process running only a couple days a week and we are not getting our workflow conditions that are set to Run Only on Save

I determined my own answer to this question. Run Only on Save does not require execution of the Scheduler and is the necessary setting if you want to act on the change of a field value.