Workflows “on save”

If I created a workflow that runs “on save” (from the context of the logged on user). What access to the module should be given to the user? Now I have a workflow that works if I set “runs always”, but doesn’t work if I set runs “on save”. Maybe the reason - Role management settings?

What are the conditions in the Workflow? Which module is it related to and what are the Access permissions for the User for which you are trying to set up ?

I try to change this and this for testing,but it doesn’t help. I even changed the type of user to system administrator …but the result the same

Is it set to Run on ALL record?

yes, but it is only for testing. I am going to change on “Modified Records”

i could see the result and description being updated. Do you see any error in suitecrm.log?
Have you turned off display_errors in php.ini ?

The description is updated only if I change the workflow on run always. There are no errors in suitecrn.log…, it is turned on display_errors in php.ini

Did you check
RUN On Save and
Run On Modified Record
options for workflow?