Workflow with condition in field 'billing_address_street' does not work

So we’ve set up this Workflow to send an email when there was any change in the field ‘Straße’ which is ‘billing_address_street’ in english (screenshot below).
Anyway, this workflow does not work. But it works when we set the field to e.g. name or whatever.
It seems that it does not work for address fields, could someone confirm this issue?
Any Idea how to fix it?

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I’ve just tested this and it works on 7.6.4, maybe you’re missing billing_streeet_address with shipping_street_address. Check again.

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No it’s billing_address_street as you can see in the screenshot.
We’re running 7.6.3 maybe that’s the reason, but that would be really extraordinary, i guess.


What I meant with check if you’re missing the both fields, because even when I was testing I edited shipping_street_address and my workflow was to activate on billing_street_address, I thought that you were right and was a bug, then I checked again and I was wrong, changed the correct field and the workflow triggered.

I don’t understand the first screenshot, English is my second language.

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this is a screenshot of the workflow that works for me

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now I see that you don’t have the “Repeated Runs” this is mandatory for these kind of workflows because the values can change many times

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Hello mike,

sorry for my late reply and thanks for your hints. I don’t know why but it still does not work with ‘billing_address_street’ but with a custom field name street_c, which shall suffice. Our instance of SuiteCRM is weird sometimes so that might be the reason.

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