Workflow to create case based on incoming email

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We’d like to create cases based on incoming emails to our support email,

Now I know this is possible through AOP, but it seems that you have to use the Joomla plugin for that, which we don’t want to use for security reasons, we just want to create the cases inbound

So I thought to not tick the Import cases when I created the group email, and rather use a workflow

and another thing, the group email (eg.archive) has a few alias (eg. support, sales, info) - We only want the emails send to the support email to be used to open cases, please assist me if this will be possible with a workflow

Any advise on this would be appreciated


The Joomla Portal is only needed if you want to give your customers a place to log in and interact with their cases from a website.

To create Cases from Inbound Email all you need is a Group Email account with the option to “Create cases from email” checked.

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I’m still unable to create cases as per the below,

I’ve set up the group email (emails are pulling through) and ticked ‘create cases from email’, but it’s still not creating cases based on incoming mail to that mail address

We just upgraded to 7.11.3 - Can this be the problem?

Do you see any error in suitecrm.log ? you can change the debug value and via log via Admin-> System Settings (scroll to bottom Logger Settings), cick on view log. You can change the log level to debug or error from fatal to notice more detailed log.
Is the cron.php running on your server? You can check that by navigating to Admin -> Scheduler and then choose a job that runs as soon as possible (Process workflow task) to see its Job Log. If there are recent log entries the cron is running.

Was it working before upgrade?