Workflow send email - Send Text Only always sending as HTML

I have Suite 7.5.2
I have created an email template marked as Send Text Only.
I have created a workflow that sends this email template out when a field gets a value.
The email gets sent out correctly but always as HTML, not plain text.
Sending an email manually using the template does send as plain text (there is a send plain text check box which does not exist in workflow setup).
What am I doing wrong?
Davd Younger

Please can anyone help me on this one??
It is causing me a lot of grief.

Please anyone know about thus one?

This still seems to be an issue. I can’t get SuiteCRM to send out text-only mails.

Any comments from the developers?

I am also having this issue

If you’re coders, have a look at


function sendEmail.

It seems to handle both HTML and text portions of the template…

Fixed it: actionSendEmail.php - Diff Checker

Nice. Is that a generic solution that could work for everyone? Maybe a good PR to make for the SuiteCRM repo?

It is, I give permission to use it if anyone wants to PR that