WorkFlow - Run On Behavior

I am new to SuiteCRM. Currently, I am testing SuiteCRM Max 7.1.3 on LAMP.
I would like to log every new Call created date to Modified Date on Accounts, Contacts and Leads.

  1. Create Workflow with Calls on Workflow Modules, Run On - New Records
  2. Action Modified Records, Accounts and Account, Date Modified, Field, Date Created
  3. Create a Call Log Related to Account for testing

Result: I cannot see any modified record on Accounts. However, if I changed the Run On to Modified Records - I will get update of Modified Date on Accounts

Follow Above steps to Contacts and Leads, I do not get any Modified Date in either Contacts and Leads, though I change Run On to all (All Records, New Records and Modified Record).

Please assist…

Hi Ratana,

Can you post a screen shot of the full workflow showing actions and conditions, so that we can assist?



Hello Will,

Please find the full screen capture as in this post WorkFlow - Strange Behavior -