Hi guys im tryng to make a workflow for marketing automation but i can get it work, the work flow are good and working but in the rule of time i have a problem.

for sample i set a workflow to send a email to the record contant in 1440 Minites since the LEAD create date, but the email is send as soon the Lead is create.

Any idea?

Here is my workflow


Could you try for the second condition ;
“Leads” > “Date Created” > “Less than or Equal To” > “Date” > “Now - 1440 Minutes”

Keep in mind, This would make the Workflow fire on all records that Meet Condition 1 and were created 1440+ minutes ago.

i try that second condition and dosent work, dont send any email.


Do you have your schedulers set up?

Otherwise the Workflow will only activate on a Record being Saved, so you may want to edit>save a record to get the workflow to fire

the scheduler is setup that is correct i have another workflow that works corrects.

about the record being save im using the Web To Lead Form so went a new lead is create i want that the workflow adobe work.

any idea?


I have tried this a few different ways, all involving leads created via Web to Lead, and the workflow fires successfully each time.

Are you sure that there are leads that exist that fulfill BOTH conditions?
(i.e: a Lead that has the correct Campaign AND was created over 1440 minutes ago)

Also, Please check if the workflow is firing at all or is simply failing. If you go into the Workflow’s Detailview and scroll down to the “Process Audit” subpanel, you can see if it is empty/has any “failed”

Is not working for me since a few moths ago i notice this on my Schedulers in the workflow Schedulers.

But i dont start dont care since all my workflow are working (lead,Opportunities) also in runing Version 7.2.0 on my company intance (REAL DATA)
also my cron job set on the hosting is 30 * * * * /home/domain/public_html/suitecrm; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1
PD: 30 minutes is the lowes time i can set on my share hosting (

Could you please double-check that the line that you have used in the Crontab file is the correct one. If you have had any server changes or have upgraded SuiteCRM the location may be incorrect. You can find the line in the CRM by going to Admin > Schedulers and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Could you also check your SuiteCRM.log and Sugarcrm.log files for any errors.

Could you also check your php error log file for any errors.