Workflow Reminder


Please help i need solution for this. Its not working

Condition: Date Created equal to now - 3 days

For Ex: 27 July = 30 July - 3 Days

But its not working.

I want send reminder only after 3 days of date created of any record.

Try greater than or equal to

Sorry Salman but your solution is not going to work

28 >= 31-3
28>=28 Worked

29>=28 Worked But i only want to send reminder for 28 not 29 and 30 or 31

I’m not sure I understand but you only want to run it once not repeatedly. If you create a record on 7/31 it will alert you after 3 days and not again.

see if a create a quote on 31 july then i want reminder will go on 3rd august and then on 7th august.
What does repeat means every 3rd day

You want it to repeat every 3 days?


So if you don’t execute it repeatedly it will only run once. I don’t see the problem?

i want this to run only once

Quotes/Pro Inv	Quote Stage	Equal To	Value	Emailed Only
    Quotes/Pro Inv	Date Create	Equal To	Date	Now - 3 Days

but not running