Workflow Problem?


We have imported all our records into SuiteCRM 7.4.3

I am trying to to assign them to a user on the system.

So I have created a workflow please see the screenshot below:-

We have a field that we import which is text based and has the NAME of our Rep in Capital Letters. So I have started to test this by creating a rule that says if REP name = AAAA Then Modify the record and change the Assigned To: field to be that user. who I selected from the choice.

I’m not sure why it’s not working. It’s set to run every minute at the moment in the scheduler. But it doesn’t seem to be runing at all or at least not updating any of the records, and i’ve turned audit on and it doesn’t show it trying to update any records.

Not sure what i’m doing wrong.

I thought this would be fantastic for changing things easily and i’m stuck at Step1 :slight_smile:


Hi. An update on this… It did work… I ended up doing a rebuild on the scheduler and hey presto once I had done that it worked!

No real idea why but it did solve it, now any account which has him as the Account Rep now has him as the Assigned to user and it works :slight_smile: If I tick show assigned objects only for him he only gets his HURRAH :slight_smile: