Workflow Not Running

I have a simple workflow to make a Call. The workflow runs on all records. The workflow runs when I create a new record, but it does not run on record updates like it should. There is no record of it in the Scheduler log.

I verified that the required line in the crm user (that owns the SuiteCRM install) crontab exists.

Tried a quick repair/rebuild.

Version 7.11.10 - CentOS 7.1

What else should I try?

Please state exactly all the options you selected on the top of the Workflow, so I can check if they look alright.

(“repeated runs”, and basically all the others)

There’s a screenshot of the workflow. As stated, it does fire I CREATE a new lead with the RedX Source (the only condition). However if I update a lead as having that source, it doesn’t run.

as pgr stated, check “repeated runs”. But please keep in mind that the cron will trigger your workflow as well.

  • change the workflow option to only “on save”
  • or adjust your workflow conditions.

Thanks for the input. So repeated runs is the solution I need? What do you mean by “the cron will trigger my workflow as well?”

You mean cron will periodically fire the action unless I change to “on save”?

exactly. Workflows can be triggered either by an user (he creates/updates an object) or by the system itself. Each minute, a job iterates through all workflows and executes them as well (as long as “run” is set to “always” or “scheduler”).
If you don’t keep that in mind, the system will create a lot of call records in your case.

Diligent’s advice is spot on.

@RMN you can read on all these types here

I recently (a few months ago) updated that to make it more clear. Still, it has some complexity and we all need a few rounds of trial-and-error before we start getting Workflows right :wink: