Workflow not displaying information correctly

I created a Workflow to create a New Invoice Record
Case Status = Closed
Case State = Closed

I have the Workflow create a new Invoice record with the case information in it, including “Account Name” and “Contact Name.”
I also matched the:
Billing Address = Account Name
Billing City = Account Name
Billing State = Account Name
Billing Postal Code = Account Name
Billing Country = Account Name

I have the same for Shipping Address but set it all for “Contact Name” which I titled = “Notifier”

Problem I am facing is that the Address does not show in the proper format. It is showing what I could only guess is the Table Id of each table instead of the actual human readable address info. I have attached a jpeg with both the workflow and the displayed address info.

Could someone please assist me with this issue?

Thanks for highlighting this James, I will log this as a bug.