Workflow ignores when it has to check issue again

Our workflow seems to work fine, on new issues… but as soon as the workflow did his job (sent an email and modify a record) it seems to ignore it’s task to check the issue again

For example:
we created a contract… email reminder date = 18 jan 2016
workflow should email the financial officer that specific date… and add our billing cycle e.g. 1 day to this date (modify record) so:

workflow emails the financial office and modifies record email reminder date to 19 jan 2016

We would expect the email one day later again and modification of the record to 20 jan 2016 - that does not happen. Why? We think it is because the log says the workflow has already done his work thus ignores our contract?

Have you checked the repeated runs option?

See picture:

Yes I have. When I use repeated runs, workflow checks the issue every 5 minutes (Cronjob) so I receive a mail-alert every 5 minutes. What do I have to do to install earlier mentioned workflow? Below you will find my current fields.

Can you post a picture in edit mode as well to see what field and how you are modifying it?
Have you checked the Data Base to see if the field has been modified and how?

Edit mode: Is this enough info?

Can anyone please help me with above mentioned issue?

In your picture the repeated runs option is not selected. Possibly this is the issue.

After the workflow has run on a record have you checked if the date has been modified to the next day?

When I use repeated runs I receive an e-mail every 5 minutes instead of once a day.

does the date change?

Yes the date does change. The first e-mail I have received was only sent once(yesterday). Today this reminder was sent every five minutes on (for one hour).