Workflow : How to include modified fields in email text


I have created a custom module & work flow that whenever a record is created or modified a mail is sent. Everything works fine.
I want that when a record is modified in email body it should be included which record has been updated or modified.

Suppose my module has 15 fields, when it was created 4 records added & mail was sent that a new record has been created.
Next time when the record is modified, a mail is generated that the record has been modified.

I want to include newly updated fields & updated fields with data in email. So user gets in mail which data has been added/modified in that record.
Please guide how to achieve that.


Hi there,

This would require custom development as sending out an email describing/displaying fields which have been updated in the record is not standard functionality.



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Thanks for your response & time. I will look into that.