Workflow help

I am using a fresh install of SuiteCRM 7.1.1.

I am trying to create a workflow to populate or remove records to/from a target list when a specific field within an account is selected or unselected

To be more specific I have created a MultiSelect custom field called colours which contains a list of 8 colours (white, black, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, brown).
One or more colours can be selected.

I have created a target list called YellowAccounts.

When an account is created or modified, if among the colours, yellow is selected I want to add this account record in the YellowAccounts target list.
Similarly I need another workflow to remove items when Yellow is removed or when an account is deleted (maybe this is achieved automatically: I haven’t tried it since I am still trying to figure out the two previous workflow actions).

These are the steps I followed for the first workflow:

  1. Go to workflow module
  2. create new workflow
  3. Fill name with AdYellowAccount
  4. Pick Accounts from Workflow module dropdown
  5. Create Condition: Module -> Accounts - Field -> colours - Operator -> Equal To - Type -> Value (here I also tried with Is One Of but see comment below) - Value -> yellow (selected in MultiSelect field)
  6. Add Action: Select Action -> Modify Record - Name -> AddYellow - RecordType -> Target Lists : Prospect List
  7. Save

Then I edit an existing account record and select Yellow in the colours field then I save.
After having saved I go to the Workflow rule AdYellowAccount and in the Process Audit subpanel I can see the Account I have modified by adding the Yellow colour.

So I go and check the YellowAccounts Target List but the record is not there.

Comment regarding Is One Of: when I tried this type the accounts record did not appear in the Process Audit subpanel of the workflow rule AdYellowAccount .

I stopped here without creating the workflow rule to remove modified or deleted accounts because I need to understand what am I doing wrong.

Any help!


Toc toc toc

Is there anyone who can help?

Hi there,

Once you have added your conditions, you would add a relationship in the actions section of workflow and specify the target list you wish to add to/modify. You also need to select to run on Modified records.



Will thanks for your response.

In fact I did do what you are suggesting and the Workflow was processed when some record was modified or created.
But, when cheking the target list in which the records should have been added, there was nothing.

Then I noticed list of accounts in the accounts module that the first few accounts were completely blank…

In practice the Workflow had created some orphan blank accounts instead of adding them to a specified target list.

Probably I did something wrong but I do not know what!