workflow for specific user

is it possible to create workflows for each user? I made an workflow for when the lead status changes, as reaction it takes a note and sends an email wich should be personalized, with the specific user taking that action, i was thinking of making the signature with $user-name or something but it doesn’t get filled out, i suppose i missed something.

yes, you can add Assigned User in a condition and also insert the same variable in an e-mail template, can you post your workflow here with you email template to take a look at?

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Hello and thanks for the reply,
for the lead there is no assigned user, we are contacting them one after the other. Each caller has a different login into suitecrm, i tried $user in various ways but i get only admin/ Administrator

The workflos should be like
the user does:
call lead - set status from new to ‘called’
then the workflow should do:

  1. sends an email wich should contain a signature of who called
  2. should create a note with subject ‘called by user’
  3. asign the lead to user

for now it sends an email with a standard signature hardcoded in html and it sets a note with subject called

did you use the Workflo module or you’re using logic hooks?

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i did a little trick, and since then for some reason i get an error in the (Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks) that looks like
Query Failed: FROM leads WHERE leads.contact_status = ‘contacted’ AND leads.deleted = 0 : MySQL error 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘FROM leads WHERE leads.contact_status = ‘contacted’ AND leads.deleted = 0’ at line 1

i did following:

  1. modify record and assigned the lead to whoom modified it
  2. send email and made a template with name $modified by user (and it worked)
  3. also wanted to log a call but i cannot find a way to relate the call to the lead - wich i suppose creates problems
  4. and after that i want to set a reminder to call him again in 10 days so i would see if he got the email and so on