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Workflow executed right away?

I have a bunch of logic that is executed when a lead is added and it’s taking too much time for the end user to wait. So I’m thinking of creating a workflow for it, but I’m wondering if the “on save” workflow is executed right away or it acts as a scheduled job. If it performs all the actions right away like a logic hook, then there would be no sense in using it for this specific use case.

When you want to execute your code , if not just after save ?

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First of the all, Understanding Log files is a developers right of passage :wink: but basically, if you read the chunks in capitals, it talks you through the process it is taking;

enter workflow
evaluate criteria for [workflow name]
do we execute this one?
if so, what are the actions
execute actions in order [in this case a field update on field “Active” set to “Yes”
any more rules?
no… ok, summaries, one update performed
end this workflow
end all workflow
Even workflow that will not be executed will appear if they are on an object type, only on the lines regarding “CRITERIA” they will say false, and the execution will simply immediately exit. Hopefully this makes sense!

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