WorkFlow Execute Failure On Email action

Setup my First workflow rule just to fire off an email when an event is detected. Result was not seeing any emails.

  1. verified the condition was firing & all other subsytems working as I was able to change a database record without any problems.

  2. Check the error log and receive the following each time the email action is executed:

[ERROR] Unable to load custom logic file: include/SugarSearchEngine/SugarSearchEngineQueueManager.php

When back in to sugarcrm support area and tried the following fix to no avail:

Checked the file system and it appears this directory in fact does not exist. Any ideas. Have had no other functionality issues to date? Looks like this was a problem with Sugar CE 6.x, is this still an artifact from the base build?

Hi Scott,

This fix should work. Is this linked to your other post where you found a temporary solution?



Yes this fix cured all asynchronous emails which are queued through other modules.
Problems I was having with workflows above and email marketing have been solved.

It’s a major bug that should be addressed earlier rather than later. I guess its not a problem for those familiar with the internals of sugarcrm, but for newbies like myself it created a lot of extra work. On the plus side it has given me a reason get comfortable with the suitecrm architecture, so I’m hardly complaining but others might not see it so.