Workflow Email to Meetings -> Contacts sent to only 1 Contact

Workflow set for sending Emails to contacts of a meeting, only being sent to one of the contacts (the first);
The emails should be actually sent to all the related contacts. Is this a known bug?

SuiteCRM 7.11.20

I’m not aware of this specifically being reported as a bug. However, I believe that you’re probably onto something with this and I am aware of a number of other issues surrounding this behaviour:

  1. If there’s a group email address, then if there is an invalid email in the group list, then the email process stops and the remainder of the people don’t get the email.
  2. If a list of people to be emailed is invalid, then you get a similar issue, which depends on the response from the mail server. If the server rejects the connection, then emailing stops, whereas if the email is accepted (and a bounce sent), then the mailing process continues.

I’d therefore probably go through some testing on say 2 or 3 emails (inserting some invalid ones in slot 1 and 2) as this could be a really useful bug report. imho this is definitely worth investigating further.

This behaviour is in OOTB system. Contacts has a subpanel under meetings, but strangely has a link and relate field in meetings vardefs which connects to a subpanel and single record respectively. Thus the WF action picks First field, which is Related and then does not list the LINK field which would be used to send emails to all contacts in the subpanel.

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If it’s out of the box, perhaps it’s adding a silly char at the end of the user’s email , or strange character.
Do you have access to you’re own email server to see what’s going on at the server end in those log files?

Hi, I have the same problem. in my case I’m trying to send a summary by email at the end of the meeting to the participants.
With Users and Leads there is no problem, it is sent to everyone, but with contacts it is only sent to the first.
It seems that the relationship is not well done, since it is clearly read that it is to one contact (singular) while the rest is to several (plural)

Maybe someone can figure something out by having a look at the code, perhaps starting here

Possibly it’s that difference between a “relate” and a “link” field type…