Workflow email selector broken

My workflow email selector is broken suddendly
Below I get from the error log, pls help
PHP Warning: require_once(modules/nat_Quotation/nat_Quotation.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\Bitnami\suitecrm-7.4.3-0\apps\suitecrm\htdocs\modules\AOW_WorkFlow\aow_utils.php on line 854

I checked the line 854 from aow_utils.php
function getEmailableModules(){
global $beanFiles, $beanList, $app_list_strings;
$emailableModules = array();
foreach($app_list_strings[‘aow_moduleList’] as $bean_name => $bean_dis) {
if(isset($beanList[$bean_name]) && isset($beanFiles[$beanList[$bean_name]])){
$obj = new $beanList[$bean_name];
if($obj instanceof Person || $obj instanceof Company){
$emailableModules[] = $bean_name;
return $emailableModules;

What version are you using? Kinda hoping not 7.4.3 :laughing:

The version is 7.8.7

Better but still not great :slight_smile:

OK, could you please check modules/nat_Quotation/nat_Quotation.php exists within your structure?
Could you also give more detail on what happens when you try to make changes?

Thank for your help.
You are correct, I just uninstalll nat_quotation custome module, then everything is ok now

Ah ok, is that an alright fix for you? I imagine removing a custom module could be an issue if it’s still in use by your company would be bad.