Workflow - Create task 6 weeks in the future

Hello Guys

I think I may have created this wrong but cant get my head around this one

Workflow to do the following

Registration is created inside the system - inside the registration is a “Start Date”

Workflow to create a Task +6 weeks after the Start Date
(I want an email alert to be sent 6 weeks after start date but the system creates it immediately and email alert is sent immediately as well)

Basically I need to action something 6 weeks from the registration start date. What is the best way to create the workflow or is there any other suggestions to book a reminder x amount of time in the future (email reminders)

Thanks again

See attached workflow image


You can create a workflow with the condition:

Date Created Less Than or Equal To NOW - 6 weeks

This action will then run when a record is 6 weeks old so the email can be sent then. Similary this means a task will be created after 6 weeks.

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Thanks for the suggestion I will try that now!