Workflow Conditions not working


I have setup a workflow with some conditions, the work flow works but it applies to all records and ignores my conditions

see screen shots

You’re making a Workflow on Accounts module which tests conditions on Cases module? :thinking:

Correct , My cases with Type "Billing "need to be assigned to the Accounts assigned user

It won’t work like this. Your current Workflow is basically a loop through all Accounts records, it is ambiguous to determine what is meant by testing Cases conditions from that; there can be many Cases connected to each account.

I think you need to make it a Workflow from the Cases module, and see if, from there, you can reach the linked account and get the value. Sometimes these things are not possible and you need to go for a logic hook.

Another caveat: I’ve seen some very strange behaviours when changing the main module in a Workflow when you’ve already filled out the conditions and the actions. If you notice things getting incoherent my advice is to start a new Workflow from scratch.

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