Workflow conditions for custom fields

I can reproduce this with multiple fields, but I have not tested on other modules. For the tasks module if you add a custom field then create a workflow that has a condition based on that custom field you will get an SQL error like this:

SELECT AS id FROM tasks WHERE = ‘Verify Eligibilty’ AND tasks_cstm.success_c = ‘1’ AND tasks.status = ‘Completed’ AND tasks.date_modified > ‘2014-04-23 20:47:03’ AND tasks.date_entered <> tasks.date_modified AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM aow_processed WHERE aow_processed.aow_workflow_id=‘647fd903-0fbd-09dc-43d0-535826f4e50c’ AND AND aow_processed.status = ‘Complete’ AND aow_processed.deleted = 0) AND tasks.deleted = 0 : MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘tasks_cstm.success_c’ in ‘where clause’

It just seems that the workflow logic should join custom fields and it would be taken care of. TIA

This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release, if you want an insight into the fix, its available here

Is there any date planned for the 7.1.2 hotfix? I think this is an important feature of the Workflow module and it would add a lot of flexibility…

By the way. We downloaded the code from the repository and it seems that there is still some problems with checkboxes. The query seems to be looking for the wrong value in the DB. It should be 0 or 1, but it seems to look for an empty value ‘’.