Workflow condition not working

I want send email before 5 days of Renewal date of that services when i add using subpanel. My Condition as follows

eg. If my Renewal date 26/05/2019 and current date of today is 21/05/2019 So i add 5 days in that current date of today.
So condition Like 26/05/2019 = 21/05/2019 +5 days i.e. (26/05/2019)
But this condition not working . help any other solution.

Instead of “Equal To” try using “Less Than Or Equal To”

I also done with “Less Than Or Equal To” but no response

Try “Now” instead of “Today”

Also use “Now” but not getting any result. not run Workflow for that condition also.

Can you post also an image of the upper part of the workflow?

This is the upper part of workflow .