Workflow - Changing Account Status when Sales Stage of Opportunity Changes

Hi, I am quite new to using workflows and I have been trying to create some new workflows that allow the Account Status to change depending on the Sales Stage of an Opportunity within that account. I have sort of worked this out but the change will only occur after I have pressed Edit and Save on the Account, rather than just when the field in the Opportunity is changed and saved.

For example, I will open up the Opportunity and change the Sales Stage to ‘Closed Won’, which should then change the Account Status to ‘Client’. However, the Account Status only changes to ‘Client’ when I return to the Account, select Edit and then Save.

Is there any way that I can use a workflow to trigger this change from the Opportunity rather than having to then re-save the Account?

in code, you can do that.

logic_hook after_save

if Sales_Stage == ‘Closed Won’
load relationship (accounts_opportunities)
for each accounts
account status = ‘Client’