Workflow Calculated Field Parameters Suddenly Missing

I had created workflows with calculated fields with parameters that were functioning and appearing fine. All the sudden now when I go in to edit a workflow for some of my custom modules, the calculated fields parameters and formulas are not visible - but the workflow functionality is still working.

I am using SuiteCRM v 7.10.7. Still unable to use the add file option to attach images.

Thank you.

Please check both your logs for errors, and also check your browser’s developer console.

Does this happen for every workflow? If you start a new one, can you add Calculated fields parameters?

Hi. Thank you for your response. For the modules where the calculated field parameters are still there, the workflow is functional and I can create new workflows for those custom modules. For some of my other custom modules where the calculated field parameters are now missing, the fields are still missing if I create a new workflow.

I checked the developer console for a workflow that is not working.

And compared with a workflow that is working.

I’ve also checked the suitecrm.log, which we’ve renamed to roofdini.log and didn’t find anything of consequence related to this issue. You can view log file here. Sorry. I don’t understand why I can’t attach files through the forum.

And I’ve checked the PHP error log and have several entries for undefined index in several files but don’t really see anything at the referenced file lines.
I also see many instances of fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be a resource and fopen() failed to open stream. Again I’m not seeing anything on the referenced file lines. You can view log file here

To this point I have only run the quick repair as I’m not sure if I should run any of the others or what negative effects they may have on the my environment.

Thank you.

Just noticed that the log file links didn’t take. Here they are again.


PHP Error Log

Another thing to note, we had copied our stage environment files to our production environment (copying all the files from one directory to another) but am not sure if the issues began just prior to this or after.

I’ve also just noticed that our 2 environments seem to be linked. If I log into the application for the production environment and then open a separate chrome guest window (no cache) for the stage environment, I will already be logged into the stage site.

Your system doesn’t look very healthy, you have so many FATAL and ERROR messages in those two logs…

The most immediate issue is that logging itself has broken - your suitecrm.log (renamed to roofdini.log) stops logging on 15th Nov, almost at 22:00, and that’s exactly when your PHP log starts complaining about the file being impossible to write.

Your PHP file is also waaay too large, you need some log rotation scheme for it.

So I would start by saving that PHP log with a different name (you can delete it when you’re sure you won’t need it) and starting a new blank file.

Then do the same for the roofdini.log, but here the problem is not excessive size, it’s something else, so maybe a Windows reboot, a check disk, etc would be appropriate. Also turning off any antivirus that might be using the file, perhaps.

Once that is done, you need to start cleaning up your logs from all those ERROR and FATAL messages.