Workflow: Calculated Field based on number of call attempts

Scenario: Business is running a Facebook campaign and gets a lot of junk leads. I want to create a TASK to remind myself to mark a LEAD stale if they have been called X number of times.

I want to create a DECMIAL field for LEADS called “Number of followup call attempts”.

What I don’t know how to do is create a workflow that will update this field based on the number of calls that I have placed to this LEAD…

Not sure if it will work, but maybe an

  • On Save workflow,
  • module Calls
  • modified records only,
  • Repeated runs on
  • Condition Status field changed to Held
  • Action: calculated fields, add 1 to Number of calls field in related Lead.

The ability to change in related Lead is what I fear might not be available…