workflow broken?

i have replicated this on a new install machine.

Version 7.2.1
Centos 6.6

i have been testing out sugarcrm and suitecrm. the workflow engine is one of the key aspects that i was looking at to track changes in modules and create apropriate records / mail out case creations to engineers

New install fallowing (i can never remember the packages!)

set up with localhost as email server (port 25 no encryption no smtp logon)
first login compleate
admin -> email settings. send test email (to check that my email settings work . . Success)
create an account
create a workflow to check for cases ->new records
Tested with no conditions, conditions state = open, conditions status=new
Action email user, admin email address
create new case, link to account created previously
save and . . . .

have done a tail -f on the maillog file whilst doing this and i can see the sugarcrm test go through. when i create the new case nothing. Suitecrm.log and Error.log from apache bellow