Workflow based on date created is not working

Hi, Can anyone help on this i am using suitecrm Version 7.8.2 and trying to create a workflow for leads module. I want to send email to leads after 5 minutes from date created.

I have given condition date created greater than or equal to date now +5 minutes.

And what happened, nothing?

Check that your Scheduler jobs are running in Admin /Scheduler.

Go into the job for Workflows and see if it has a “last ran successfully” time that is recent, and check it is in the correct timezone.


i have the same problem, when select “+ * minutes(hour, days…)”. dont work, but if only is “now” works fine =(


Answer my question above, please… if your Scehduler jobs aren’t running any Workflow that needs Scheduler (like this one) won’t work, only “on save” will work.