Workflow - aow_processed - aow_processed_aow_actions rows

Hi Guys

I have a system with really large aow_processed rows

Just to confirm these are the audit logs of the workflows taking place? Are they safe to simply delete?

aow_processed_aow_actions 61,478,006 rows MyISAM utf8_general_ci 21GiB

aow_processed 61,475,027 rows MyISAM utf8_general_ci 20.8GiB

If you delete these records, you run the risk of the workflows just re-firing as there is no log of the workflow having run. This will not be an issue for ‘New Record’ worklows as the workflow will modify these records but are highly likely to be an issue for All/Modified record workflows.



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Okay great thanks for the advice & info :slight_smile: